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How is image loading speed improved at

Our image distribution uses the following methods to increase the loading speed of your images:

Meta tags are removed

Meta data is removed from the image, reducing the file size (PNG, GIF, JPEG). Typical meta data is for example GPS coordinates, or the camera model. Usually the people viewing your images don’t need this information. Plus this information can only be viewed through a cumbersome process.

Compressed images

Lossless compression is enabled for GIF, PNG.

Lossy compression is enabled for JPEG

WebP image format

The WebP version of the image will be delivered to users when their browser supports it. WebP images are on average 26% smaller than the original. WebP was developed by Google to speed up the internet, more info can be found on the website of WebP.

Progressive JPEG format

Large JPEG images are converted to progressive images. Visitors will see an increasingly detailed image as the file is downloaded.

And even more improvements…

You can read up on more improvements to the loading speed here on the Image Hosting features page.

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