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A word from the founder

In 2016 I decided to work on my IT skills by setting up a an image hosting website. I had no previous experience as entrepreneur or setting up a successful business.

Since I’m no programmer, I searched for and worked with several freelance programmers. In December 2016 we succeeded and the first version was live.

Over the years I continued to learn, build and push out better versions of

By 2021 I had seen that there was a real need for an image hosting service for small to medium businesses looking for simplicity, ease an affordability.

Today is a successful business with hundreds of customers and a great app. The team behind continues to focus on learning and pushing out improved versions of based on those learnings.

Who is for?

Already long before was created, there have been free image hosting sites. They represent one end of the market that are either not reliable, not adding any new features at a steady pace, or just fully focused on sharing cat memes.

On the other end of the spectrum you have large corporations, solution integrators. They help businesses to sell their products online. They have powerful integrations with popular online marketplaces. They are right for you if you have deep pockets, learn their proprietary all-in software ins and outs, and yes they are right for you if you own a big business.

In the middle, we have With an DIY (do it yourself) attitude that offers simple and easy to use image hosting for small to medium businesses.

Who is behind is fully owned by Mathias, the founder. There are multiple freelancers assisting Mathias to improve


Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.”  ~ Bill Gates


“Talk benefits, not features”


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