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I see an error when viewing an image

You are trying to view an image but you get an error like so:

this xml file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. the document tree is shown below. <error> <code>accessdenied</code> <message>access denied</message> <requestid>fd789fdsg45vcx12v5df894</requestid> <hostid> /df45dc145cv15df894fd89v45vc156+879e= </hostid> </error>

This error indicates that the image is not accessible on (anymore).


  • Is the image offline? You should see a green dot next to your image in your dashboard. Also the thumbnail should be visible and not missing.
  • The file was present on, but not anymore.
  • The link used to access the image is incorrect: typo?
  • You deleted a file and immediately reuploaded it. This may cause our CDN to clear the image from cache, cache the error message and not cache the newly uploaded image. Solution: reupload the image using the Replace menu item.
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