Updates this week

Properties no longer need to be websites.

Properties are like silos for your images which have a unique name on img.vision. You can stick to “yourwebsite.com” as a property name or go for “yourusername”.

Registration wizard has been simplified with less steps.

New users don’t need to choose a plan yet when registering, they can do so later when they’ve gotten used to img.vision. Also the payment methods page isn’t shown anymore.

Control panel usability improvements:

  • On entering a new page, you are automatically scrolled back to the top of the page
  • On the property page, the property boxes are now easier to click
  • Embed button has been renamed to “Link code” for clarity
  • A button to the properties page has been added in the header bar

You can now leave feedback from any page inside your control panel.

Just click the message button.

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