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Learn why people choose over thumbsnap

With, customers find a reliable partner to keep their images online to support them in their online growth online.

This article explains what the main differences are between and thumbsnap.

No ads doesn’t have ads and will never have ads. gets is revenue from selling subscriptions and try to offer value so customers don’t cancel those subscriptions.



There are ads all over thumbsnap. Ranging from links to image banners. Thumbsnap gets its revenue from placing ads on their site so their incentive is to get as many people to browse their website and see the ads.

Trustworthy and reliable’s company registration number, address is available on the about page. There is a public status page accessible from the site footer with uptime monitoring info.


Not known who runs it

You can’t find the company name or company address on the site, there is no mention who runs this site. It’s not clear if this site monitors uptime.

Your retain publish rights

At your images are in your control, you can choose to share them and where to share them online.


Your images and videos are automatically republished online

At thumbsnap your images are automatically shared with other thumbsnap visitors, there doesn’t appear to be any control over this.

Many different link code options with easy link code generator

There is an easy to use link code generator offering a plethora of configuration options.


You are encouraged to share a page containing your image

There are some basic share controls after uploading an image. The main share options suggest code to share a page containing your image, not the actual image.

Customer reviews

  • Patti H.
    Patti H.

    Overall: It has been excellent since day 1. Really helped me out when I was in a bind looking for a new tool. Pros: Easy to use. Hardly any learning curve. Customer support is great. Very quick to respond and help our. Always looking to improve and make it better Cons: No complaints. Have not encountered any problems.

  • Brian Oliver
    Brian Oliver

    Needed to find an image hosting service and after doing some research, found this one to fit exactly what I needed at a great value. Plus, the interface is intuitive and customer support is quickly responsive. Would recommend this service.

  • Sandra P.
    Sandra P.

    Overall: I appreciate the emails received from the [SENSITIVE CONTENT] with information about any updates in the software and the ability to contact him with any questions. Pros: Reliable software that is easy to use with https. Cons: I can't think of any features that I would improve upon.

  • Sam Panchèvre
    Sam Panchèvre

    I found the platform easy to use and a good value. I tries a few others and was harder than need be to use. BTW. The support is great. Thank You. Sam San Antonio, Texas