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Articles about events and announcements in the online image and video hosting industry.

Embeddable galleries update

New masonry gallery layout We’ve added a new embeddable gallery layout: Masonry. It shows images just like Pinterest: not all the same size, but based on the image dimensions. So if one image is a bit taller, it displays a taller image. Here’s an example gallery in the masonry layout: Gallery style guards We’ve also

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FotoTime Closure: What Now?

FotoTime was founded in 1999. It was one of the leading innovators in the world of photo and video storage, organising and hosting. Yet, if you surf to the to today, you will see they have ceased operations. FotoTime has shut down. What happened? On March 10, 2021 a fire broke out at OVHcloud

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What happened to TinyPic?

What was TinyPic? TinyPic was a free photo- and video-sharing service. Users could use TinyPic to upload, link and share images online. TinyPic was supported by advertisement next to the images and videos. The service supported the upload and hosting of JPEG (jpg), png, gif and TIFF files. Images that were larger than 1,600 pixels

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We now host gallery pages you can link to now supports hosting your gallery page We’ve offered non-active code for embedding a small gallery on other websites, such as eBay or other auction sites for a long time. Today we add to that: unbranded hosted galleries: You can add hundreds of images into your August release Read More » June release

Video hosting has arrived 📹 is no longer only an image hosting platform, it is now an image and video hosting platform! If you want to embed videos elsewhere than Youtube, you need to rely on three different services: Encoding the video file into a format that can be streamed You need to find June release Read More »

Improvements May 2020

We’ve released a bunch of updates this week. Here’s an overview. Thumbnails are much sharper Improved thumbnails quality in the grid layout This change applies to your grid layout. We’ve increased the size of the thumbnails a bit and we no longer attempt to fill the entire thumbnail box. By trying to fill the entire

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