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We make it easy to manage your images with our unique dashboard

You shouldn’t be a IT geek to understand how it works.

In 2022, we devoted 80% of our budget to improving the UI and user experience (UX) of our dashboard.

What our customers are saying

  • Sandra

    Great service and easy to access and maneuver around the site.

  • Michael R.

    Overall: Piece of cake. Easy to use, no headaches. Since I'm not a techie, that ease of use is HUGE. Pros: It's easy to use, no hassles with various websites where my hosted images are shared/viewed. Cons: No complaints. Everything works as it should.

  • Gabriel B.

    Pros: All of the soft was excellent and good. One of the most important image host soft Cons: The easy use, and drag and drop images. And the best off all , the management of Mr [SENSITIVE CONTENT]

3 easy steps

Step 1: Create folders

Step 2: Upload your images

Step 3: Copy link code

No setup cost, no training needed

We’ve designed the dashboard to let you manage your images in a very similar way to how you manage files in your Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive and Dropbox, you PC or Mac. You can create folders and place your images inside.

Import your images from other cloud services

You can import your images from other cloud providers. This means you don’t need to download images first to your local drive and reupload them. Let our servers handle the transferring.

Built for large loads

You can upload hundreds of images in one go, we built the uploader to have a low memory print on your device. You can also browse through thousands of images in your drive. Opening a website page that instantly loads ten thousand 4k images would crash your device. However, our dashboard intelligently only loads the images you scroll to, meaning your device only has in memory what is shown to you on the screen.

Features of the dashboard

Resize your images

Take offline instantly, without deleting the image

Replace an image instantly, retaining the same link

View your dashboard in row layout

Upload folders (coming soon)

We back your visuals. You back your business.

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