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How to add a simple image list to your eBay listing

You can add additional images to your eBay listings inside the description at no extra charge by eBay.

With a subscription at a premium image hosting service like, you can host the images online. Each time a visitor visits your listing, eBay will load the images from the hosting servers of and show them.

It’s a breeze to add the images to your listing.

How to video

I’ve recorded this video to show you how it’s done:


  1. On select your images
  2. Click on Share images and choose HTML
  3. Copy the code
  4. On eBay, open your listing
  5. Next to the description box choose “Show all options” and accept the popup
  6. Enable HTML checkbox
  7. Paste code
  8. Deselect the HTML option

What’s HTML code?

You’re not familiar with HTML code?
No problem:

Short explanation of HTML code: everything between these brackets: < > is a tag that does something very specifically, like displaying a link or an image. Everything not between these brackets is normal text. Example of a tag: <div>text</div>

Paste your copied image code somewhere inside the existing HTML code and take care not to paste it inside a < > tag, but outside such tags.