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After 7 months of development the new version of has finally been launched ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

In September 2019 we started building from the ground up again with the best stable technologies.

The result is a new platform which is:

  1. Capable of handling 1k+ images and folders
  2. Supports mobile devices
  3. Has been built to make adding features easier

Smart loading of images inside the dashboard

Have more than 1k images? Or maybe more than 5k? No problem, the dashboard now loads only the images into your browser that you’re actually viewing. No long wait time for the initial page load. As you scroll, more images are loaded and those not shown anymore are unloaded.

We are also gradually opening up to much larger image plans.

Support for mobile devices

You can now install on your Android device very easily. Just browse with your mobile Chrome, Opera, or Firefox browser to and add as an app on your home screen. You can find the help article here: Install on Android

iOS devices are also supported. You can install on iPad or iPhone using a similar method like on Android devices. Just open on your Safari browser. More info here: Install on iOS

Upload images from other popular cloud services

We rewrote our upload infrastructure and connected it with other cloud services.

You can now connect the following accounts to and upload your images and photos:

  • OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive

Here you can find a couple of articles about warnings you might see (as the connection is quite new you may see a warning): upload warnings

More dependable platform

We took the time to make the platform really dependable. You can now resize hundreds of thousands of images in one go and everything will be handled in the background by our server. Same goes with moving or deleting large folders.

Some housekeeping

For the moment we didn’t add the concept we previously had of multiple “properties”. We’re also referring them as “folder” now. If you need multiple folders, just drop me a line with your specific use case.

The image editor is not available for the moment. We checked with existing customers and the image editor usage was quite low. We are exploring the idea of adding a way more advanced editor inside, we’ll be sending out a survey about this soon.