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Free image editor is taking off, quick recap

Since release on March 31st, the free image editor has been used at least once by almost 900 people. Anonymous statistics gathered shows the edits being made by people are mostly quick fixes.

Good idea to recap what the editor does.

Free Online Image Editor

When most people think about photo editing they think about Photoshop and find the costs off-putting or prohibitive. However, many people don’t know that you can find free photo editors online. The best I have found is which makes it easy to turn your average holiday pic into something you just have to have hung up on your wall. Here we look at some of the great features of the free image editor and how you can put it to use making a masterpiece.

Photo Manipulation

The free online image editing tool is one of the best image manipulation tools around and comes with the key image-enhancing tools you’ll need to turn an average photo into a great one without having to spend ages learning how to do it. The interface makes it easy for you to crop, flip, and rotate your image to bring the viewers focus on to exactly where you want it, knock out any camera shot angle issues, and create the perfect angle.

You are also able to easily draw on the image with the free drawing, line drawing, shape, text, and icon options if you want to add information or graphic design to your imagery. The mask filter is great at getting rid of those blurry edges from camera wobble or if you have had to take a photo without good lighting and the image filter can also quickly improve the color and contrast of even the dullest photo.

Filter Functions

The simple but effective free image editing interface also has a range of other beneficial filters that help you to adjust your photo into a sharpened and beautifully contrasting masterpiece. With the grayscale and sepia filters, you can quickly adapt a color photo into a black and white or sepia one making it easier to introduce sharp contrasts to your image. The invert filter is a sure fire way to turn a standard looking shot into a wacky one too if you need a quick fix to a dull shot.

Other useful filters include blur (to add movement and life to a shot), sharpen (to remove camera wobble), emboss (helps to give a 3D effect and can work great in black and white), remove white (good when taking shots on a white background), gradient transparency (can be used to blend images together), brightness (can bring out areas that are too shady), noise and pixelate (give an artistic effect), color filter (to focus on specific colors), and finally tint, multiply, and blend (which apply colorful filters to the whole image).

Incredible tool selection

The range of actions possible as you adapt your image are also extensive and make it easy to try the various tools out and undo errors. As well as it being easy to upload and download images you can delete an object you have added to an image (such as a shape, line, or mask image) with the click of a button. The redo and undo functions also make it easy to flip between changes you have made and reset lets you take it all the way back to the beginning if you take everything too far!

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