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New eBay image gallery generator, and more

CSS gallery generator added:

Designed for placement in ebay listings, this pure HTML/CSS gallery allows you to add an image gallery in ebay listings.

Preview image popup added:

You can now preview the image by hovering over the Open link.

Subscription page & payments methods page improved

  • A full preview of the next invoice is now shown including pro-ration during mid-month upgrades, calculation of subtotal, and coupon code discounts.
  • Your account credit balance is now shown.
  • We improved the selection of monthly vs annual to avoid some of the confusing some customers had with the previous design.

Hide image feature added

  • You can now take individual images offline without needing to delete them.
  • You can also take images offline in bulk using the selection toolbar.

Move folders action added

Mobile design improvements:

  • The sidebar is now accessible for mobile users.
  • The phone keyboard doesn’t pop up anymore when opening a folder.

Folder selection

now allows you to choose the root folder by typing “root” without hyphens. These are the actions that support folder selection:

  • Move folder
  • Copy and resize
  • Mass move images

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