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Beginning of April we launched version 2 of This version supports having a lot of images in your account. That’s what what we’re allowing starting today. You can find the new plans effective today on the pricing page.

Lazy loading dashboard cuts on loading time

When browsing images in your dashboard, the dashboard is smart enough to only load the images that are currently displayed on your screen. This means when opening the My Images page the first time, you don’t need to load all images. This is especially time-saving when you have a lot of images in your account. Developers call this “lazy loading”.

No more deleting images every 2 weeks

You don’t need to worry anymore about reaching the image limit, now that they are so large. Some customers spent time on cleaning out their account every now and then, so they wouldn’t reach the low image limit of their plan. That’s not necessary anymore now. You can now spend that time managing your business.’s robust image CDN can handle the flood of extra images has an enterprise-grade image CDN. We rely on the market leader of CDNs and pay extra for advanced optimization techniques.’s CDN is future-proof for large workloads. That’s what we’re going to take advantage of now by allowing more images to be hosted on


To keep things in check, we’ve started monitoring bandwidth usage. Bandwidth usage is measured as the the filesize of an image transferred from our image CDN to a browser. If you reach the limit we will be personally in touch to propose a more suitable plan. We won’t be cutting of accounts without warning.

Right now, no customers are close to the limits we’ve set by even a large margin. So existing customers have nothing to fear.

If anyone has any questions, you can contact the founder Mathias directly through the contact bubble in your dashboard. You can also find alternatives on the contact page.

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