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Image editor added – including watermark feature

On each image row in your control panel you will now find an edit button.

The edit button opens an image editor that allows you to manipulate the image and apply a watermark.

The photo editing features are:

  • Apply filters eg. grayscale, sepia, blur, sharpen, gradient with transparency
  • Crop photos
  • Flip photos across x-axis or y-axis
  • Rotate
  • Draw on the photo with your mouse
  • Add shapes and icons
  • Add text on top of your photo
  • Apply mask images

There are undo, redo and reset options in case you make a mistake.

As a bonus, you can upload a watermark image and place it on the photo, for example, your shop logo.

Once you’re finished editing your image, you can save a copy or overwrite the original.

PS. Together with this release we made sure opening a folder scrolls the window back to top like before (was broken), we introduced a loading screen so those on slower connections don’t stare at an empty screen, and we made improvements to accounts with invoices that are past due.


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