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30% faster image loading & website redesign

30% faster image speed

I have signed a deal with our Content Delivery Network that should on average increase the loading speed of the site and your images with 30%.

Website redesign

The website has been moved to an independent content management platform and host. I used the move to pick a slightly different design for the website. Note this doesn’t affect your control panel.

This past month

  • We’ve updated the platform behind our control panel so we’re secured against security issues that were found the past year
  • There’s now a dedicated page for the Cookie policy (see footer)
  • We’ve fixed the automatic image tagging; after uploading your images, they get automatically tagged by our AI again
  • We’ve fixed a nasty bug that could lead to an account getting disabled with no just cause

2019 and onwards…

We’re working on all kinds of small and big improvements to

Happy holidays and a successful 2019 to all! 🎉

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