TinyPic alternative: upload now

TinyPic has shut down. Img.vision is an alternative for image hosting, designed for eBay merchants, forum dwellers and webmasters.

Mac showing Img.vision dashboard
Drag and drop images into Img.vision dashboard

Upload multiple images at once

You can drag & drop images into your dashboard. You can also import images from your OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox account.

Generate embed code

Get the link code you need easily by generating the link code directly after upload, or long after, for individual images or images in bulk.

 ✅ Direct link lists    ✅ HTML code   ✅ BBCODE   ✅ Markdown

Link code generator
Resize image generator

Resize images

Use the embedded 3-step wizard to resize your images according to a preset or your own custom dimensions.

✅ Many size presets: eBay, twitter, Facebook,...

✅ Multiple new sizes in one go

✅ Automatic or custom filenames

Place generated images in a folder you choose

Multiple resize methods: Contain, Cover, or Fill

Top 3 benefits compared to TinyPic

You control image sharing

Img.vision doesn’t create a public directory of recently uploaded images or top images list.

Fast image loading

Img.vision has partnered with the leading content delivery network provider to offer fast image loading.

No ads

No distractions or slow site speed, Img.vision has a clean and fast layout.

Ready to upload?

15d free trial, no credit card required, free plan afterwards

Img.vision also works on your phone or tablet 

Mac and iPhone being used by woman showing Img.vision dashboard