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TinyPic has shut down. Use a reliable alternative for image hosting, designed for eBay merchants, forum dwellers and webmasters.

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You control when & where you share your images

Img.vision doesn't have a public directory of recently uploaded images or top images list.

Fast image loading by our premium CDN partner

Img.vision has partnered with the leading content delivery network provider to offer fast image loading.

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No distractions or slow site speed, Img.vision has a clean and fast layout.

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Drag & drop uploading

Upload multiple images at once

You can drag & drop images into your account. A traditional file open dialog with multiple select support is also an option.

Link code generator

Generate direct link lists, HTML code, forum code and markdown code

Get the link code you need easily by generating the link code directly after upload, or long after, for individual images or images in bulk.

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Retouch and change the images you uploaded.

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Add shapes, text and icons

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