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Upload product images on Walmart

Can you upload products in bulk?

Yes, you can upload products in bulk to Walmart.

You need to use a specific excel with a specific format.

We have a guide on how to create this excel here: Guide to bulk product uploading on Walmart.

Where do you host the images inside the product excel?

Well, you’ve come to the right place: is a perfect partner to keep your images hosted.

The steps:

  1. Upload your images to your drive
  2. Generate a list of your hosted images using your drive link prefix + image filenames
  3. Add the links to your product excels
  4. Upload your product excels

Why use

We offer static public image links.

So we don’t generate links like

We generated a clean link like:

What are the benefits of using image hosting

Upload your images into one central image hosting repository, add it to your ecommerce platform excel files, and upload them to multiple marketplaces.

Here are features of

Drag & drop your images into your folders on the dashboard

Using a PC or a Mac, you can drag and drop images into your folders and upload them.

From your mobile Android or iPhone, iPad or tablet you can also upload the images you took with the device camera.

Additionally, you can also import images from your Dropbox or OneDrive.

You select the images you need and generate the link code in the correct layout

After uploading your images, you can easily at any time generate link code for them. You have various layouts available to you.
Generating the links is instant and requires no additional loading.
You can always come back and generate the links again.

Accounts still work with 1000s of images inside

We’ve built our dashboard to be compatible with huge amounts of images. Our biggest customer has 96k images in their account.

Upload 100s of images at once

Upload hundreds of images from your computer, our uploader is optimized to upload them without crashing your computer.

Use folders

You can organize your images into folders, like per product or product line. Infinite sub-folders are possible.

Can you upload images below the fold?

Check out this guide on uploading images below the fold, inside the product description:

Guide on single image uploads on Walmart.

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