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Photobucket Down: What has happened to Photobucket?

Since the 18th of December, Photobucket has been down. For eBay sellers using Photobucket, this is a nightmare as their product images have not been available online for over a week. But what happened to Photobucket, when will Photobucket be restored, and what other options to Photobucket are there?

Why is Photobucket down?

The primary data centre for Photobucket’s services lost power completely. This caused the site to shutdown and has led to critical ongoing issues even after power has been restored. Indeed, backup data systems have failed to overcome this unexpected shutdown of Photobucket’s data centre.  As a result, any images hosted on Photobucket will not be displayed for people using their services, at the worst time when it comes to missing out on vital Christmas sales.

When will Photobucket be back?

Due to the challenges caused by the unexpected shut down, Photobucket is having to run its systems through continuing processes of verification. This means they have still not been able to confirm a date to be back online due to concerns regarding the safety of customers’ images on their platform. To deal with the problems, they are migrating a new environment in the hope of improved reliability, but no time-frame has yet been offered.

What other options to Photobucket are there? is a paid-for service offering image hosting that is more reliable than Photobucket when comparing downtimes. It uses a high-speed CDN to deliver your content globally with faster load times and improved reliability. It also keeps your images and website secure from things like DDoS attacks, blocking malicious bots, and ensuring the validity of IP addresses of people using your website.

If you’re fed up of waiting for Photobucket, why not check out who offer services that improve user experiences with faster load times and optimized images.

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