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Video hosting has arrived 📹 is no longer only an image hosting platform, it is now an image and video hosting platform!

If you want to embed videos elsewhere than Youtube, you need to rely on three different services:

  1. Encoding the video file into a format that can be streamed
  2. You need to find a content distribution network to stream the video
  3. You need a video player that runs on all devices and is customizable now solves all three pains in one go:

Upload your videos to, we encode it into a streamable format, and we provide you with customizable HTML5 video player code you can embed anywhere online.

If you look at the price tag of traditional video streaming:

  1. You usually pay a different price rate based on video encoding CPU usage needed depending on quality and length of the video
  2. You pay a different rate based on which region you want to make your video available via a CDN has simple all-inclusive pricing: We offers plans based on number of videos and video viewing time. Just like our image plans have 2 parameters: number of images and image bandwidth. Simple, straightforward pricing 👍

Responsive images adapting to screen size

Responsive images are sized according to the browser screen resolution

The HTML code generated for your images is now responsive:

There are multiple image links in the embed code, and based on the visitor screen size, their browser will load the image which best suits their resolution.

Benefits of responsive HTML code:

  1. Smaller (mobile) screens load smaller images cutting down on loading speed
  2. And at the same time the high retina version of your image is still loaded if the visitor screen resolution supports it – full auto-detection
  3. No “active” Javascript code, only simple HTML5 code supported by all major desktop and mobile browsers
  4. Images are resized in real-time when requested the first time and cached
  5. Responsive images don’t count for your subscription limit, only the the original image counts
  6. Quick copy and paste embed code, no need to manually write code!

And also ❤❤ -> web galleries now also use responsive images

Resize images now has social media presets resize social media presets

The presets are for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Quick copy url button

We’re making hotlinking even easier with an easy accessible COPY URL button in the row layout of your dashboard. It works for videos and images.

Easy copy url available in row layout

More improvements

  • Accessibility issues fixed for mobile users: All kind of bugs with the dashboard were recently introduced and have been squashed beginning of this month!
  • You can now upload .heic images.
  • Fixed a problem related to upgrading from one plan to another.

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