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Automatic image tags

I have just released a new feature: Automatic image tags.

What are automatic image tags?

Each time an image is uploaded our new automated AI engine will try to guess which things are in the picture. The things detected are saved as tags to the image. These tags are now shown in your control panel, next to the link code button.

To make room for the tags, the detailed technical information of an image (like upload date) are now shown when clicking an info button. The info button is shown on each image row, next to the delete button.

What’s the advantage of automatic image tags?

This new feature is targeted at users with many images and requiring quick access to their images. When searching for images, you will now also search on tags. So they’ll appear in the search results. This is also handy if you have non-descriptive file names.

What about images I’ve already uploaded?

Images uploaded before Nov 2 didn’t pass through the detection engine. If you want to add tags for these, upload the image again.

I’ve uploaded an image but no tags appear?

It takes a while for the detection engine to process a new image. In some cases, the engine will not be able to guess any tags. In this case, no tags will appear. The AI engine is constantly learning new things, so maybe later it does detect things.

How much does this cost extra?

This new feature doesn’t cost anything extra. The cost is covered by your current subscription.

PS. Some security measures were also released today. Security is on the top of my mind 🙂

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