Embed your images in your eBay listing with HTML code

This guide will help you add your images in your eBay listings by using HTML code.
The method explained here works for one image or multiple images.

Select your images

Select 1 or more images by clicking on the checkboxes.

Select the images

At the bottom of the screen, the Embed code generator opens automatically:

Embed code generator

Open the HTML tab:

HTML tab

Select the layout you want (optional)

If you’re copying multiple images, you can choose the layout the images are shown in. For example 1 column layout, or 2 column layout, etc.

Copy the code

Copy the HTML code by pressing the copy code.

Copy the HTML code of your images

Paste the code in your Item description – HTML tab

The final step is to paste the HTML code you just copied, to the HTML tab of your eBay item description.

eBay item listing HTML tab


The generator remembers to stay open or closed
The code generator opens automatically upon selecting an image. If you decide to hide the generator, it will stay hidden, also the next time you select an image. Just click the Embed Code Generator button to reopen it.

Generator tab is remembered
The Embed code generator remembers your choice of code. Next time it opens, it will open the tab you last visited. Also if you close Img.vision and come back. Saves you time!

You’re not familiar with HTML code?
No problem.

Short explanation of HTML code: everything between these brackets: < > is a tag that does something very specifically, like displaying a link or an image. Everything not between these brackets is normal text. Example of a tag: <div>text</div>

Paste your copied image code somewhere inside the existing HTML code and take care not to paste it inside a < > tag, but outside such tags.

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