Use image hosting in your app or as a CDN

Use image hosting in your app or as a CDN

Image hosting can have an impact on user experience, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and conversion rates.

In this post, we take a look at how using image hosting for your app, or using it as a Content Delivery Network (CDN), can boost speed, improve security, and work seamlessly for end users. We also look at what a CDN is, how to improve SEO, and how can image hosting help?

What is a CDN and how can it speed up image delivery?

A CDN uses multiple servers scattered globally to deliver content, such as images, to web users. A CDN speeds up image loading with the following methods:

How a CDN speeds up image loading

1/ Proximity caching

Have a server closer to the location of the visitor and caching files and images in this location. The result is a decreased time for the files and images to reach the visitor since the primary server half way across the world doesn’t need to be contacted anymore.

2/ Optimized network

All traffic online passes through servers to reach the visitor browser. is paying extra for even faster speed by routing all traffic through the highly optimized CDN network itself and not via usual public internet servers. The result based on own research is an average 35% decrease in latency, a 27% decrease in connection errors, and a 60% decrease in cache misses.

3/ Compressed images

CDNs can minify HTML and compress images before sending it to the visitor browser. The CDN is using checks if the visitor browser supports the WebP image format and converts in real-time images to WebP. WebP images are 30% smaller than your average JPEG image, with no quality loss. The result is faster image loading and less frustration with your image viewers.

How does secure your image loading?

1/ Prevent downtime due to DDoS attacks

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack can be seriously detrimental to any business and can have negative effects on your profits, brand and customer opinion in general. If you’ve never heard of such an attack it occurs when multiple systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system – meaning that the regular traffic to your website or app is blocked. image hosting and partners defend against such attacks making and you can be reassured that your images are up and online.

2/ Block malicious bots doing content scraping

While bots may seem to be our friend (think Googlebot), they can also cause a lot of trouble if you don’t protect against them. CDN blocks malicious bots that engage in content scraping or other malicious activities.

How can increase your efficiency image hosting can enhance user experience not just through safety and speed but also through efficiency. dashboard

1/ Quick access to embed code

The dashboard has the embed code generator at the bottom of the screen. It’s on by default. New images you upload, are selected by default, and embed code is generated.

After you’ve uploaded images and you return at some point, just select your images again and the embed code generator will generate the embed code.

2/ Easily organize your images

You can create folders and subfolders, and organize your images in a structured way. There a search box that search instantly through all your folders. An added bonus is that you can take images offline temporarily without having to delete the image completely. After uploading your images, you can easily resize them in bulk.


Through image hosting or using a CDN you can improve the security and efficiency of your website or app, thereby improving user experience, SEO and conversion rates. Through resizing your images an image hosting platform can speed up downloads from your site ensuring users do not disengage. Using as your image platform will also improve the security of your site and protect if from DDoS attacks. Hosting, organizing and making the most out of our images has never been easier than with

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