Image & video hosting for Usetiful product tours

Get image hosting and/or video hosting to embed in your product tours. There’s a free plan offering 20 branded images or subscriptions starting at $9/month.

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We use Usetiful ourselves & like it!

We have been using Usetiful since 2020 to show product tours and smart tips to our users.

To thank Usetiful for a great product, users of Usetiful can use the coupon code USETIFUL70 to get a one-time 70% discount when subscribing at

Direct link list generator

Quickly generate embed code

Embed code is generated immediately after upload. Revisit your dashboard to grab the code gain.
✅ Direct link lists
✅ HTML code
✅ Markdown

Drag & drop uploading

Drag & drop uploading from you Mac or PC. Upload from Android or iOS. You can also import from your Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

Drag and drop image uploading
JPG, PNG, GIF image formats

Web image formats supported

Upload the common web image formats JPG, PNG and GIF.

Fast image delivery by realtime conversion of images to webp image format

Our CDN will detect if the user supports the 34% smaller Webp image format, convert your images and deliver the compressed image to the user.
✅ 34% smaller file size
✅ 34% faster loading
✅ No image quality loss

Webp image format
Resize image generator

Smart image resizing

Use the embedded 3-step wizard to resize your images according to a preset or your own custom dimensions.
✅ Many size presets: eBay, twitter, Facebook,…
✅ Multiple new sizes in one go
✅ Automatic or custom filenames
✅ Place generated images in a folder you choose
✅ Multiple resize methods: Contain, Cover, or Fill

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Secure HTTPS image hosting

Images are loaded with a valid and secure HTTPS certificate.

Upload 100s of images at once

Our upload widget is optimized for uploading 100s of images in one go without crashing your computer.

We automatically resize & optimize your images in real-time based on your visitor

Our HTML embed code is fully responsive and loads the fastest and biggest image quality the visitor can handle on his phone, tablet or computer.

Fast image loading from our CDN has partnered with the leading content delivery network provider to offer fast image loading.

Take images offline without deleting them

Flip the switch to take an image offline. Great for time-based promotions or keeping some sensitive images private.


Search for images in your account using the powerful quick search based on the filename.

Ready to upload?

Upload your pictures on our homepage and start a free 15d trial, no credit card required.