Can I pay with my currency?

That's no problem for us. We use online reseller & Merchant of Record to sell Paddle automatically converts the currency based on the location you choose.

Can I get a discount?

Yes you can! Option 1: When you subscribe for a year instead of the monthly subscription, you get 2 months for free! That comes down to a discount of 16.67%. The larger the plan you choose, the more you're saving. Option 2: If your team is a non-profit organization,

What payment methods do you accept?

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller & Merchant of Record Paddle accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. Update payment method popup by

How to cancel my subscription?

Go to the billing page from the left sidebar. Click the Cancel subscription button. Cancelling your subscriptionClicking the button opens our reseller's wizard: Step: Cancelling subscriptionSubscription is cancelled: subscription cancelled

What happens if I downgrade to cheaper subscription plan?

Downgrading can occur in 2 ways: Going from an annual subscription back to a monthly subscription. In this case, after downgrading, please contact us to apply credit to your account.Not changing the billing period, but choosing to have a lower online images limit. In this case, we will automatically

How do I view all pricing options?

Go to Billing from the left sidebarYou can switch between monthly and yearly subscriptionsViewing the pricing plans in (note: the screenshot above doesn't contain actual pricing plans)

What is your pricing model? is a subscription as a service, also referred to as a SaaS. We charge a fee based on a billing cycle, either monthly or yearly. There are various different plans you can choose to subscribe to. Our subscription plans limit the amount of images you can have online

Do you offer refunds?

We don't normally give refunds. The reason for this is because we offer a free 15 day trial that allows you to try out all our features without limitation. Please use this time to evaluate our service and decide if you want to subscribe or not. During this free trial

How do I upgrade?

Steps inside dashboardLog into your account at Go to Billing in the left menu. Choose yearly or monthly. Click the buy now button next to the plan you'd like to subscribe to. How to subscribe at Img.visionWhat follows is a wizard of our reseller

Can I upgrade after the trial expires?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: You have some time after your account trial has expired, but not forever. Do not wait too long to subscribe because we permanently delete expired accounts including files uploaded and folders created. Also, when your trial expires, all your images go offline, so keep this

Need help?

Have you any question which is not answered in this knowledge base? Contact us with the contact bubble bottom right in your dashboard. We are here to help you.

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