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Image loading speed improved

Image loading speed is very important for you and for me too. Today I’ve signed a deal with our image distribution partner to improve image loading speed. Personally I’m seeing a speed increase in a typical photograph of 3.5MB of 60%.

Our image distribution now has the following upgrades:

  • Meta data is removed from the image, reducing the file size (PNG, GIF, JPEG)
  • Lossless compression is enabled for GIF, PNG
  • Lossy compression is enabled for JPEG
  • The WebP version of the image will be delivered to users when their browser supports it. WebP images are on average 26% smaller than the original. WebP was developed by Google to speed up the internet, more info can be found on the website of WebP.
  • Large JPEG images are converted to progressive images. Visitors will see an increasingly detailed image as the file is downloaded.

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