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Updates this week

Properties no longer need to be websites. Properties are like silos for your images which have a unique name on You can stick to “” as a property name or go for “yourusername”. Registration wizard has been simplified with less steps. New users don’t need to choose a plan yet when registering, they can …

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WordPress image button plugin released

We received feedback from users that they would like a WordPress plugin. So we created one! The plugin allows you to add your images directly in your WordPress text editor. More information can be found here: WordPress plugin Drop us a mail with your feedback! Email address is below in the footer. out of Beta

On April 1st we launched the first full version of Img.vsion! New in this release: You can now upgrade your account to a paid plan. We choose to use the Stripe platform to charge your credit card. There’s a credit card page to manage your credit cards File size limit is now 90MB When images … out of Beta Read More »

Big update and now in Beta

Major changes: Full folder management (create/rename/delete) Security increase (file server) Property page redesign Full property management (add/delete) Image & folder search Image replacement detection and handling Maximum file size increased to 15mb