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Mass image actions added has been updated the following new features: Mass copy (and resize) images to any folder (previously only a sub folder of the current folder). You now get a fancy autocomplete list that shows you the folders that match your input. Mass move images to another folder (using the same autocomplete search list) Mass delete […]

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Automatic image tags

I have just released a new feature: Automatic image tags. What are automatic image tags? Each time an image is uploaded our new automated AI engine will try to guess which things are in the picture. The things detected are saved as tags to the image. These tags are now shown in your control panel,

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Image loading speed improved

Image loading speed is very important for you and for me too. Today I’ve signed a deal with our image distribution partner to improve image loading speed. Personally I’m seeing a speed increase in a typical photograph of 3.5MB of 60%. Our image distribution now has the following upgrades: Meta data is removed from the

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Support section added

When you’re in your control panel there is now a Help bookmark shown in the top right corner. That help bookmark leads you, when clicked, to the newly created Support section of The support section will be maintained and expanded from now on. For the moment, I’ve added the most important things I

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Privacy policy updated

The privacy policy for has been updated to offer you more information. This updated policy does not mean there is a change in data collection or collected data usage on my end. The previous privacy policy has been completely removed and replaced by privacy policy that describes all third party services used to make

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Support page added

I have added a support page to the main website. The page contains the most frequently asked questions I’ve been asked. If you have a question and the answer is missing, just email me. You can find my email address at the bottom of the support page. The Support page link can be found

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UI improvements

Registering is now quicker When you register and click that final register button you get dropped directly into your newly created property. Easier uploading To create a folder or upload an image you used to have one button with a menu. Now there’s a button for uploading images and a button for creating a folder.

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